Technologies under control

Services and products

The scope of work is provided in the main production - services:

  • electro profession - in the full range of the low-voltage area, except for electrical inspections
  • profession locksmithing - complete services
  • the profession of welding machine - electro, gas, CO2, argon
  • metalworking - lathe, milling machine, horizonter, carousel
  • plumbing work

GOMS has the following internal division: the Personnel-Economical Section, the Technical Production Preparation and Purchase Division, the Design Office, and the Production Section.

The main product of GOMS's business is the execution of these activities, in particular in rubber, plastics and mechanical engineering.

We gradually expand our services beyond the regions of Slovakia to other parts of the world.

In addition to the domestic market, GOMS has also been active in foreign rubber companies: Italy, Ethiopia, Russia, the Czech Republic, Spain, Austria and Germany.